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  • Davraz


    Mount Davraz with an altitude of 2,635 m is one of the mountain masses surrounding Isparta Prairie in Türkiye’s Mediterranean region. It rises between Eğirdir and Kovada lakes. Davraz Mountain-Karlıyayla Winter Sports Tourism Center is 26 km southeast of the city center of Isparta and 8 km from the village of Cobanisa. The skiing center is on the northern side of Davraz Mountain on the Kulovası plateau. The local flora consists of mountain pine, juniper and cedar. Davraz Skiing Center has the added advantage of being close to Antalya and being suitable for development. Its geography provides the opportunities for engaging in other sports besides skiing. The skiing season starts in December and ends in April, while the depth of the snow varies between 50 and 250 cm.

    Davraz Mountain-Karlıyayla Winter Sports Tourism Center appeals to skiers of different levels. With its wonderful roads and accessibility, it began drawing attention not only in Türkiye but also in Europe, Russia, Ukraine, and the Middle East. It is 26 km from Isparta city center, 50 km from Isparta Süleyman Demirel Airport, 118 km from Antalya Airport, and 140 km Antalya city center.

    The skiing center has 2 chairlifts, one with a capacity of 1,000 people/hour and a total length of 1,211 m, and another that is 936 m long and has a capacity of 800 people/hour. There is also a teleski (T-bar) with a capacity of 800 people/hour that is 624 m long, and 2 baby lifts that are 300 m long.

    The wonderful panorama of Lake Eğirdir accompanies skiers. There are safe routes with the softness of a natural configuration and featuring snow of wonderful quality for beginners. For more advanced skiers, there are 8- to 10-kilometer-long tracks that guarantee fun and challenges. The altitude of the skiing tracks varies between 1,650 and 2,150 m. The tracks provide opportunities to skiers of all levels for cross-country skiing, downhill, and backcountry (touring) skiing, and snowboarding.

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