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  • Erciyes


    Erciyes Ski Center is on Mount Erciyes (3,916 m), the highest summit of Anatolia, in the south Erciyes Province. Mount Erciyes is a young extinct volcano, presenting visitors with several visible volcanic cones. The higher points of Mount Erciyes are covered in snow throughout the year while on its north side there is an iceberg. A crater was formed by external effects and several steep hillocks appeared. At the summit of Mount Erciyes, among the rock columns, there is a cave that was used by Byzantine monks for religious ceremonies. On the northern slope there is a 700-meter-high mountain glacier, and on the eastern slope at an elevation of 2,100-2,900 meters, the Tekir plateau hosts a winter sports center. The hike from the ski lift to the campsite at Cobaninine takes about 2.5-3 hours in winter. The climb from Cobaninine to Mola Tasi, at the headwaters of Şeytan Creek (Devil’s Creek), takes an hour, and climbing on cross-country skis is popular. From here, it takes about 2-3 hours to reach the summit of the smaller peak. In winter, there is a danger of avalanches at Şeytan Creek and in the spring (May - June), it is necessary to wear a helmet because of the falling rocks.

    Erciyes is the world’s most centralized ski resort by virtue of its geographical position: it is possible to access one-third of the world with a 4-hour flight. There are 15 daily scheduled flights from İstanbul to nearby Kayseri. The one-hour flight distance between Erciyes and İstanbul makes Erciyes Ski Resort attractive for both local and foreign tourists. Meanwhile, Erciyes Ski Resort is just 25 minutes to Kayseri Airport, 20 minutes to Kayseri city center, and 60 minutes to Cappadocia. Kayseri city center and Erciyes are connected via a two-line highway. The ski resort has double , high speed , detachable chairlifts with a carriage capacity of 26,750 people per hour equipped with the latest technology in compliance with international standards. While on the chairlifts you will have the chance of experiencing an unbelievable panorama and observing the endemic plants of Mount Erciyes. At Hacılar Kapı and Tekir Kapı gates, a comfortable journey awaits you and your family on the gondola lifts, and hot drinks will revive you at the local facilities.

    Erciyes offers an escape from city life and the chance to spend some enjoyable time with your family. You can choose to stay at the hotels on Mount Erciyes and experience the warm ambience and fresh air of the mountain, or you might prefer the luxury global hotel chains in Kayseri. The hotels on Mount Erciyes offer luxury accommodation with a mountain concept design while staying in international brand hotels in Kayseri provides the opportunity to stay in the city with the advantage of transportation and visiting Mount Erciyes for skiing daily. Shopping in Kayseri, exploring the city’s history, and experiencing the delicious local dishes are among the reasons that make accommodation in the city center attractive.

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